SweetTree-Farming-For-All_Planting-CalendarOur Jude might be running 12 marathons in 12 months to raise money for SweetTree Farming For All, but at the same time she and the care farming gang are busy sowing, planting, and harvesting the benefits of care farming.

Follow along with us throughout the year to plant, grow, eat, or run!

1. April 26: London Marathon

The daffs and flowering trees are out in bloom, and the next few months are a good time to ground-sow artichokes and asparagus, leeks, radish, rhubarb, onions and shallots! Jude faces her first ever marathon in London on the 26th, and there will be NO April showers …

2. May 10: Halstead and Essex Marathon

This month, continue planting your root veggies, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, squash, spring onions, peas, turnips, and swedes. We’ll be putting a load of runner beans in to give Jude extra luck in Essex.

3. June 14: Liverpool Rock n Roll Marathon

Add more maincrop peas, chickory, endives, kohlrabi, lettuce, spinach and gherkins to your summer allotment in June, and start enjoying rockin’ carrot, beetroot and asparagus salads.

4. July: Ranscombe Challenge 

A dry month, you’ll want your allotment, and your marathon runners, to stay well hydrated in July. This month you’ll be pulling up herbs and summer cabbage, and it’s your last chance to plant spring onions, turnips, and beans.

SweetTree-Farming-For-All-vegetables5. August: Capital Marathon Challenge

As your summer fitness peaks, nosh into the artichokes, aubergines, cauliflower, spinach, and herbs you’ve been nurturing since spring.

6. September: Dunstable Marathon

In September autumn starts to make itself felt, so don’t miss your chance to bed cabbage greens, lettuce, and the last of the coriander.

7. October: Lee Valley Marathon

Leek soup becomes a favourite in October, and the tail end of the summer surplus sees veggies donated to friends and family (just to make use of them!). We’ll be heading to Cornwall’s Eden Project to celebrate the end of another bumper year.

8. November: Cornish Marathon 

Our thoughts will mostly be on pasties this month, but on the farm we’ll still be planting beans and pulling up our kale, swedes, turnips, and carrots (to help cope with the increasing darkness).

9. December: Malaga Marathon

Apologies for escaping to Spain, but marathons are as thin on the ground as vegetables in the UK winter. December is a hero’s moment for your brussel sprouts and kale, and those plentiful mince pies are looking their tastiest …

10. January: TBA – Deal Marathon

The coldest month on our calendar, we’ll be ordering seeds, planning our year’s planting, and tending to repairs and maintenance around the farm. Also, STILL running marathons for SweetTree Farming For All.

11. February: TBA

Turning a corner and warming up for spring, February is bulb-buying time. We’re also sowing onions, beans, cauliflower, and more brussel sprouts (because they were that good).

12. March: The Gin Pit Marathon

We love March! All of our herbs (rocket, rosemary, thyme, sage etc) can get a start in the SweetTree Fields polytunnel, and the carrots, parsnips, leeks, and potatoes can pass Go in the vegetable beds.

This month we also say goodbye marathon running! We’ll be celebrating the completion of an epic year, and putting all our raised funds into care farming projects for the year ahead: More seeds, more bulbs, but most importantly – more clients experiencing the delights of farming and gardening!

Support Jude and SweetTree Farming For All with your valuable donation here!

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