Thanks for visiting our blog and for lending a few minutes to learn about the benefits and challenges of care farming in the UK, and to follow the extraordinary journey of Jude Allen, founder of SweetTree Farming For All as she undertakes 12 marathons in the next 12 months, to raise funds for care farming projects.

About Jude

Three years off forty (Run away! Run away!), Jude is a once Scottish lass now living in southern England.

Jude likes: Wine, boats, and dogs.

Jude loves: Her work, her community interest company (CIC), and the family of people she works with and for.

Jude dislikes: Running, exercise, discrimination, exclusion, and running.

This year, because she is a gorgeous soul who believes in her life’s work, Jude is running 12 marathons in 12 months to raise funds for the care farming projects she operates six days a week.

Join us here to learn about care farming, about the people that SweetTree Farming For All touches, and about what it takes to turn a non-runner into a marathon fundraiser.

“If you learn anything about care farming from this blog, then 300 miles of running will have been worth it!” Jude says. “That said, your money would mean a lot too…

Just sayin’!”

Learn more about care farming here.

Discover the projects of SweetTree Farming For All here.

Donate to Jude’s 12M12M efforts here. 

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