SweetTree Fields Farm

SweetTree Fields Farm is a 14 acre Care Farm in Mill Hill and we deliver day opportunities to young people and adults with a wide range of health and social care needs called Let it Grow.



Let it Grow Programme

Our transitional day service, Let it Grow, is personalised to each persons abilities, interests and support plan or personal goals. It aims to increase practical and transferable
skills so that each person can reach their full potential.

This quiet outdoor environment suits people who require more support or a consistent routine. Our care farm has been specifically built to enable our participants be as independent as possible and has many physical features that facilitates this.

Benefit  to Participants

Staff use each farm task as an opportunity to benefit someone’s development by linking our work to an EHCP, support plan or PBS.

  • Sequencing a task by learning and remembering each stage of an activity
  • Team working through activities such as sheep herding or
  • Transferable life skills such as growing, harvesting and cooking lunch from farm produce for the group
  • Increased independence through learning how to care for an animal and being able to move towards independent care of that animal
  • Healthy living through fun, active sessions and healthy lunches
  • Increased confidence due to increased independence in a safe environment
  • Increased mental, physical and emotional wellbeing from contact with animals, nature and the outdoors

Who can Attend

Anyone with health, social care need or disability over the age of 17.

Due to the topography of the site, we are unfortunately not able to accommodate those in wheelchairs unless for a bespoke session based at our Yurt. Please get in touch with us to directly discuss those who have restricted mobility.

Participants should be able to be in a group setting with around 20 people. If this is not suitable then please get in contact with us for details of accessing and hiring our ‘Safe Space’ for participants who need an individual setting.

What to Expect

We are open year round, Monday- Friday and Participant’s take part in all aspects of Farm Life including animal husbandry of sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, rabbits and donkeys. We also grow and rear all our own food for farm lunches so participants cook with produce they have grown, cared for and then harvested.

Activity Time
Arrival 10am
Session 1 10 – 11am
Break 11 – 11:15am
Session 2 11:15 – 12:30pm
Lunch 12:30 – 1pm
Session 3 1 – 3pm

What is Included

Lunch is included for participants, we ask Support Workers to pay £1.50 for their lunch.

All personal protection equipment, such as wellies, gloves or goggles necessary for the task are provided.

What a Participant Needs to Provide

Participants should arrive in suitable clothing for muddy outdoor work in all weathers.

We expect the participant to come with any support workers that they would normally require when accessing community-based activities.

Referral Pathway

Referring someone is easy.  We can accept referrals from a family member or professional such as a social work or residential care unit

  1. Please fill in our referral form and email it back to [email protected] or call us to discuss a participants particular requirements.
  2. We encourage potential participants to come to the care farm for an informal chat and walk around the site.
  3. We then jointly agree a suitable date for a free Taster day. This is in order for us to risk asses the person onsite as well as providing them with a chance to ensure the project is what they require.
  4. We agree a day of the week for weekly attendance and agree a start date.
  5. Funding must be agreed and in place before a start date begins with written confirmation from any finance department. Please note that participants will be charged for any day they do not attend unless we receive 4 weeks written notice of non attendance
  6. Attendance begins on an agreed start date

Please call us on 0207 644 9505 if you would prefer to discuss this.

Bespoke Group Activities

We are also able to deliver shorter (2 hour) or day sessions if an organisation would like to bring their own group of participants for one off or a series of sessions.  We can deliver tailor made sessions or days for up to 15 people.

Please contact [email protected] to discuss your group’s needs and preferred activities.