The therapeutic benefits of working and learning in the great outdoors have been widely recognised for many years. Some of these many benefits include; better physical health, improved psychological health and social benefits.

How participants benefit

Our projects are designed to engage, inspire and offer a regular routine in the great outdoors.

Our team offer a positive learning environment in which participants are allowed to safely make mistakes and learn through them.

By highlighting individual successes, clients are constantly put in situations in which they can attain small and unexpected achievements in tasks that they never anticipated, whether herding sheep or harvesting ingredients to cook for lunch.

Courses are designed to deliver tangible results that are instant and tangible;participants often leave with proof of their success such as something they have made which serves as a reminder of their success.

All courses are embedded with skills for life; communication, literacy, numeracy and teamwork.

Animals are non judgmental of disability, addiction or background so people feel safe, valued and respected.

Clients with complex needs can feel comfortable around others. Working in an informal environment allows clients to participate as an individual but leave as part of a group. Many state they feel more patient and tolerant of others after leaving a course as there is a wide range of abilities and people. Individuals who have historically always received support often are able to support others on the course which can be extremely empowering.