Russel 1Russell is a regular attendant on SweetTree’s Fields farming days. He spoke to us about why he thinks care farming matters:

“I like coming to SweetTree because I like the work. It’s not too easy, and the staff are all very nice. I hope to get a paid job one day.

SweetTree farm is based in Mill Hill, next to the pub, and even though there are other places to go in Watford or London, this is more fun.

I do the chickens, I clean their cages, and I like the outdoors – I like the bonfire and the yurt.

But my favourite thing to do at SweetTree is gardening.

Sometimes I wish more people knew about SweetTree so we could get more people on the farm. It would make it even more fun, and we could get more gardening done.

I really want to be a professional gardener one day, so if there’s a gardener out there – I’m interested in working for you.”

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