Our Farm

SweetTree Fields Farm spans across c15 acres and is a fully operational farm supporting the growing of crops and maintenance of animals. 

Since its inception, the farm has had a strong sustainability agenda which has included initiatives such as water harvesting, the growing of food for human and animal consumption, the use of solar energy and ensuring a very low carbon footprint.

The farm is the center of all activities on the site and is a very active and productive operation that is professionally managed and a key source of revenue.  The majority of activities are focused on our crops, animals but also include creating natural craft products, often using materials from the farm.

What we produce

As with any small farm we cultivate a wide range of crops, and we have chickens and a small herd of sheep, as well as providing a home and sanctuary for two abandoned donkeys among others.

At the moment we have the following animals on site:

  • Sheep – Dorsets  & Zwartbles
  • Lambs
  • Chickens
  • Rabbits
  • Ducks
  • Goats
  • Donkeys

How we go to market

As the farm is small, where possible we sell direct to businesses and the general public, to maximise the revenue from our crops and animals.  Local business take both our vegetable and meat products for use in their restaurants as a source of local produce.  We also sell via our website and via other outlets such as farmers markets.

Produce is seasonal and very varied, and examples are crops such as potatoes, courgettes, pumpkins, beans, lettuce, cabbages, onions, carrots, as well as free range eggs and various cuts of lamb. Do contact us if you are interested in purchasing any of our wonderful and natural produce.

Hand Crafted Products for Sale

We also create some lovely products from our farm and other natural sources.

  • Oak chopping boards
  • Candle holders
  • Bird boxes
  • Gardeners hand scrub
  • Bath salts with dried petals and essential oils
  • Flowers and bulbs in pots
  • Hanging baskets
  • Hand pressed rape seed oil

Farm Management

Keeping livestock is a huge commitment, and it is a key focus our farm to maintain its animals in the very best condition possible.  All maintenance of livestock on the farm is done according to best practice when it comes to animal welfare. We follow a regular set of livestock management procedures on the farm to ensure our animal welfare under the control of our farm manager.

  • Wellness checks are carried out at least daily with the livestock being observed and any concerns noted and reported.
  • All livestock to be fed and watered daily.
  • Detailed health condition inspections monthly
  • On a small holding worms are a real concern. 6 weeks worm & egg counts will be taken
  • Paddock rotation to be done 24 hours after worming. Paddocks rotated will be left dormant for 3 months where ever possible
  • In an effort to ensure nutrient and bio diversity all hay and meal is acquired from 3rd parties
  • Biological and organic farming methods are applied on the farm although SFF is not to be considered an organic farm
  • In warm weather, daily checks for fly strike are to be carried out with any evidence of this reported to the farm manager and treated according to his / her instructions
  • Farrier 6/8 weekly to check donkey hooves.
  • Monthly nail clipping for rabbits, yearly Vet Health checks and immunisations.